Wednesday, September 15, 2004

dating, again
hey asian guys, this is the book for you!

how to date white women: a practical guide for asian men

if anyone actually buys this book, let me know. the reviews seem to paint a false picture of the effectiveness of this book. ;-) thanks norm!

Thursday, September 09, 2004

come november, if you're undecided, take this presidential match quiz which determines which candidate best supports your views. i scored something like 74% kerry and 32% bush.

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

yankees suck
the bombers lost 22-0 last night to the indians, the worst lost in the yankees 101-year history, and the sox beat the angels last night to come within 3.5 games back in the al east!

i am psyched about this weekend. i'll be going up to boston, and hopefully i'll be able to catch pedro pitching.

UPDATE: i just read about this in sunday's boston globe on an article about how the curse may have been reversed! if you're a believer in signs and superstition, this might have bit the big one:

boston.com article: "...on a night when the moon was nearly full, when the Sox continued their epic surge, and when the Yankees suffered the most lopsided defeat in the history of the storied franchise, Ramirez may have unwittingly done what countless others have failed to do before him. He may well have broken the curse under which the team has labored since Ruth was sold to the Yankees in 1919.

A 16-year-old boy stood up in Section 9, Box 95, Row AA, with hopes of catching the ball. But he wasn't just any teenager. No, this was Lee Gavin, who has lived his entire life in a rambling farmhouse on Dutton Road in Sudbury that is best known to anyone west of Boston as the house where Babe Ruth lived.

On this last night of August, Gavin, a right fielder on his summer league team, positioned himself in the aisle, raised his arms in anticipation of catching his first-ever ball at Fenway Park, and BAM! The ball sliced through his hands and hit him square in the face. The impact punctured his top lip and knocked his two front teeth into a deepening pool of blood on the cement ground."

yankees losing 22-0, full moon, kid who lived in babe ruth's old house getting hit by manny's errant ball all in the same night?