Wednesday, July 06, 2005

the new 411
text messaging is the bane of my existance, i swear, but this is good. so usually when i can't figure out where a place is, i call up my roommates or whoever i know might be in front of a computer and can look a place up for me. i don't want to spend the $2 for operator service just to tell me where a place is. but my friend told me of a great service offered by google -- google sms. you simply text message "(name of place) (zip code)" to GOOGL (46645) and it'll reply with two text messages with a listing of 3 or so places nearby with a place that sounds like what you told it to look up. you don't even need to spell it correctly! sooo longgg lame ass calling of friends!

car fire

a little pre-snooze excitement before my week starts. i heard a car horn going off from my apartment which is in a highrise complex. i looked out the window and saw this car on fire. the fire trucks got there in about 1 minute, broke a window and put out the fire in seconds. a case of vandalism or something else? the car's just sitting outside right now and there's no police follow-up. i'm tempted to go outside and check it out -- the trunk's wide open...

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

hot dogs, beach, beer, and fireworks

badlands booker is rapping about something here

espn guys broadcasting the event live!

this newcomer college kid ate 32 dogs in 12 minutes and got third place -- damn

welcome to coney island. it's a sea of humanity!

mmm.. beer garden in astoria. rode the n all the way from one end to the next

from the n platform

waiting for the fireworks as the sunsets in manhattan from long island city

happy 4th of july everyone!