Tuesday, July 27, 2004

this is how i've been occupying my time for the past two months. there are two races coming up, one this weekend and the one the following weekend:

Weekend July 31 - Aug 1: New York City International Dragon Boat Festival (http://www.nycdragonboat.org/)

Weekend Aug 7 - Aug 8: Hong Kong Dragon Boat Festival in New York (http://www.hkdbf-ny.org)

for both races, races are from 8am-5pm.  if you want more info, just e-mail me.

finderguy.com gripe
i found this website from apartmenttherapy.com that claims it can find anything you want in manhattan for no cost.  it sounded like the coolest thing ever.  so i went over to the site and typed in what my coworker has had the most trouble finding: okinawan sweet potatoes.

next day i get a reply:

Hello Rich, thank you for using FinderGuy. This store was the only one that says that they have Okinawan sweet potatoes. We spoke with Francine, who explained that their Okinawan sweet potatoes cost $2 per pound. We hope this helps, Rich, and if you go to this store, please mention FinderGuy. Thank you.
nice!  so i tell my coworker who goes there the following week and... 

no okinawan sweet potatoes.  here's my reply:


I told my friend who's been looking for Okinawan sweet potatoes in the city (but couldn't find them anywhere on the East Coast) that FinderGuy found a place in the city that had them.  Naturally I was ecstatic and together we shouted "FinderGuy is the best thing ever!"

However, when he went to the store, there were no Okinawan sweet potatoes to be found!  Francine wasn't there, but another guy in the produce section said they didn't have them.  They only had regular sweet potatoes.  He said that Francine must have meant regular sweet potatoes.  He wandered around and looked everywhere but he could not find them himself either.

Needless to say, it was a waste of time.  And although FinderGuy seems like a neat novel service, we will never trust FinderGuy ever again.


conclusion?  never trust finderguy with asian food.

UPDATE: i got a couple of really, really nice e-mails from the ladies running finderguy.com (go figure why it's called finderguy).  they apologized for the confusion and since it's a relatively new service, there are bound to be kinks that need to be fixed.  i imagine i'll be using finderguy again if there's another obscure item i'm desparately trying to find (their database of stores is crazy).  but if you use it, be sure to double check with the store itself!

Thursday, July 22, 2004

feel safe flying?
read this

with a follow-up:


Monday, July 12, 2004

so as i sit here on my carpeted floor i reflect upon the past year that i've lived in nyc. just moments ago as i walked across my apartment to go to the bathroom i heard my downstairs neighbor yell "moron... moron... fucking moron" -- a perfect summary of my life in this studio.

there's too much negative energy... i feel this place as sapped all the goodness in me. those moments when i could lie in bed and think about my day, read, dream, think about friends/girls are now replaced by the distracting sounds of these neighbors. smoking super with harsh coughs every morning, troll/witch screams in the middle of the night, crazy lady downstairs that thinks i'm having wild gay sex.

i'm surprised i haven't gone insane and become one of them...

too many bad memories to mention. focus on the good -- it's great to get out of here. this upcoming weekend marks a new year for me. mentoring, dragonboat, new roommates -- and that's just the next month.

enough -- who cares to hear about my personal problems anyways?

Friday, July 09, 2004

just made another one... ah what a waste of time.

too much fun

i just spent a good portion of my morning at work doing this... thanks brian!

Tuesday, July 06, 2004

michael moore has a blog!