Sunday, February 03, 2008

sport imitates life
back in 2003, i remember watching game 7 of the alcs. i was in nyc on a weekday night watching the game at tg whitney's as one of two boston fans in the bar. pedro was pitching on the mound. red sox were up in the eighth. it looked like we were going to win it, but alas it was not to be. i had to walk through crowds of yankees fans on the streets to finally make it home and wallow on my own.

fast forward 2008. it's the superbowl and its the patriots and giants. patriots are up 14-10 in the fourth quarter with 30 seconds left. it looked like we were going to win it, but no -- the perfect season was upset. again, i had to walk through the streets amongst celebrating new yorkers with not a single patriots fan to be seen.

why after being in this city for more than 4 years does living here still feel so on my own?