Tuesday, February 21, 2006

a friend told me...
a friend told me today that if you get rid of all the things you look forward to, then your goal in life will finally be clear.

Monday, February 20, 2006

aim for the arts

i'm helping organize this event for next sunday. it's the first time i've helped out in an event like this where we've gotten everything donated and everything is being planned on a volunteer basis. we literally have a $0 budget -- the gallery space was donated, the wine was donated, and obviously we are using whatever resources we have to get things accomplished.

if you're free please come to support! it's a great cause for the organization asian professional extension, with which i've been volunteering by mentoring and now being on their young executive board.

rsvp here! http://www.evite.com/app/publicUrl/apexnyorg@gmail.com/aimforarts

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

a memorable v-day
so this definitely ranks as one of my most memorable valentine's days. my friend tanya had the ridiculous idea of having a draw-and-date party (n guys, n girls, girls choose one guy each, and pub crawl). she enlisted my help and together we got 28 of our closest friends together for a huge date. it started off at mcsorley's which only serves light and dark beer, and also has the worst service ever. after mingling for an hour, we picked names, picked locations, and went off to do our event. we split up into 3 groups and my group went to alphabet lounge, where there were people setting up for an indian party. afterwards, everyone gathered at bua where we chatted about our dates. then hunger struck and i broke off with some friends to crif dogs. we ended the night at apt, dancing to some random ethnic drum and bass music (which they claimed to be reggae), and saw my friend off to london.

kudos to the organizers.
and kudos to all my friends for being there for a fun night!