Wednesday, May 23, 2007

first run of many
i ran with my company today in a media challenge race, pitting against media companies such as sony, abc, nytimes, etc. it was my first timed race in a while. with the extra incentive to beat the other companies, i definitely pushed myself harder than my usual 8:30-9:00 pace.

we did the lower loop in central park twice. one lower loop is 1.7mi so two is 3.4mi. i pulled off a 26:59 finish time, which brings me to a 7:56 pace. not too shabby! next race i'm going to try to shave 30 seconds off my finish time.

weekend commutes in nyc
i recently had a foray with google gadgets. i was thinking of a tool that would be unique useful for me to see on a regular basis, and came up with a google gadget that would display the weekend service advisories for nyc subway commuters. it was a total bitch to parse the html page since it didn't adhere to dom standards, but after observing some patterns of how subways and advisories were listed, i was able to create a straight up xml file from it.

see the fruits of my labors here. to add it to your google personalized homepage (igoogle), click on the link below!

Add to Google

also, this is a work in progress. so feel free to leave comments on how i can enhance this gadget. future things i will add will be links to maps and routes of individual subway. and also a mouseover which will display details about the service disruptions.