Tuesday, August 01, 2006


here's a recent painting i did for my summer painting class at sva. this was only my second oil painting ever, and it was a learning exercise in a renaissance/baroque style. i started the painting with a bottom layer mixture of burnt sienna and yellow ochre mixed with turpenoid. on a second layer, i painted an outline of the model with raw umber and added patches of yellow ochre and white to reflect lighted areas. in the background i painted a white/black and blue hue -- the pale color representing objects in the distance. i then painted flesh tones with a mixture of cadmium yellow and cadmium red, with shadows painted with a cobalt blue and bit of yellow mixture. in the final stage, i also added highlights of red alizarin, which is now officially my favorite pigment.

it was a great learning process, and i can definitely see faults in my painting. with oils, there is always the option of painting on another layer to fix those faults. but leaving it as it is is a great to keep this as a way of looking back to see my progress.

this painting measures 24" x 36".