Sunday, February 18, 2007

realizations of the day

Friday, February 16, 2007

i had my moment of syncronity rushing to work this morning on my 25 min commute.

it started in the subway station at 96th st where i start my commute: a subway musician was playing "besame mucho" on the guitar while singing in tenor voice. at my transfer, i came down the stairs to the platform at 59th/lex. an old man was serenading on his violin the same song, "besame mucho," while a man leaning on a nearby staircase sighed con gusto, "besame mucho!" dropping a few coins in the man's donation bag. and at the end of the platform, near the end of pre-walk to the back of the train, a clarinetist was lost in his own improvised version of the same song, "besame mucho." three musicians, one song.

are all the subway musicians conspiring to tell me something? or is this a song that all of them play repeatedly at this time of year? you can probably tell what's playing on my ipod right now.