Thursday, February 17, 2005

numa numa kid
wow the numa numa kid is officially famous. if you watch the video, the today show will give you an analysis of the video and its ensuing popularity (making it to the vh1 best of week special!). the best part is at the end of the clip, matt lauer and katie couric bob their heads to the song as the music fades out.

kings of convenience
i caught the tail end of the carson daly show last night, and saw the two guys from kings of convenience perform. i think their music video for "i'd rather dance with you" is my new favorite music video. doesn't the guy dancing remind you of a certain napolean dynamite?

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

my perfect spot
well i took a quiz on sperling's best places and according to the site, my top 5 best places for me to live are:
  1. washington, dc
  2. boston, ma
  3. san francisco, ca
  4. new york, ny
  5. long island, ny
san diego's #21 and providence is #27. hmm... maybe i should consider doing something in dc. but then again, this is the same site that said jersey city is the better place for dating than nyc.

Sunday, February 06, 2005

what a messy game. at least there's no question about the pats being a dynasty. super bowl xxxix champs!

highlight of the night
i've said it before and i'll say it again. weird shit always happens at 3am in the morning on the subway. tonight, some guy walked through the between train doors with his pants down, unzipped and belt off and sat down about 6 ft away from me. and the guy across from me said "what are you doing man? zip that shit up!" over and over and over again and the guy didn't do anything. then some girls walked in through the between train doors and sat down around him without realizing his pants were all unzipped and wide open and one girl was being really really nice to him and said "oh yeah it's uncomfortable right?" and then the conversation started getting weird and the guy said "i have no friends, they're all in la" and then the best -- "don't you new yorkers see this shit all the time?" and to end it: "oh i've just made seven new friends." of course, laughter ensued and i got off at my stop at 96th.

new york, new york.