Thursday, January 27, 2005

ipod shuffle
so thesquare had a happy hour event at light tonight and they were holding a free raffle for attendees. best part was they were raffling off an ipod shuffle. so i filled out a survey and a ticket and mingled around till they held the raffle.

nick joined me at the event and when they were looking for volunteers to draw the raffle tickets, i volunteered nick before he could say anything. as always, nick was a good sport and went along. i told nick that he would draw my name -- and if he did i'd owe him a few rounds of drinks (over the course of many events of course, not in a single night). and so nick and another volunteer went up to draw the winners. there were 3 t-shirt winners and one ipod shuffle winner...

first, the other volunteer picked the first entry -- someone else...

next, she picked another entry -- someone else... still had a chance to win the ipod.

nick was up now. he picked the last t-shirt winner. some other guy.

i still had a chance. i told nick to dig deep. he reached in, opened up the folded paper and he announced, after a gasp --


i won the ipod shuffle! nick had the BEST look on his face, such a face of incredulity that said everything. we did the buddy shake (pics coming up later) and i was so amazed that my positive mental energy came to something good! people thought it was rigged because no one was standing on the raised level other than thesquare people, nick, the other volunteer, me and my other friend. and all people saw was the guy standing closest to the draw bag was the one who won! ahh does this mean luck is turning my way? i'd like to think so. even the guy who worked for thesquare was like "i can't believe this!"

thanks nick, we'll remember this. ;-)


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