Sunday, April 23, 2006

devorah sperber
it's been a while since i've seen a piece of artwork that really amazes me (fireflies on the water by yayoi kusama). i was searching online for this 3d version of the last supper that was mentioned in one of the google da vinci code puzzles, and i came across this artist named devorah sperber. she created an upside-down mural of the last supper made out of spools which, when viewed through a glass orb, appears like the original da vinci painting (zoomify).

it reminds of something that could be part chuck close and part debevec. i love how its made out of spools, as if it's an unfinished tapestry, where each spool represents a "pixel" of the original painting. i love the idea of reflections and how light refracts to change how something appears, taking something so flat and making it organic. her next exhibition is in 2007 at the brooklyn museum of art. who's in?

point your browsers here for some pictures. she also has on display amazing exhibitions in pr and dc.


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