Thursday, October 04, 2007

thoughts on the past year
at my last job, i took a seminar called "managing personal growth." in one of the activities, we had to choose our top five values. they were based on personal observations and loosely on peer ones made by a good friend. it was no surprise that i came up with the following as my top five values:
  1. inner harmony
  2. wisdom
  3. adventure
  4. personal development
  5. creativity
the goal of this seminar was to try to align my values with my personal life as well as my work goals. after finding that my last job satisfied very little of these, i tried to find a job that does -- indeed, my current one does.

but it's strange, after working two months, i'm finding that my personal life, with regard to hobbies, travelling, and relationships is lacking in almost every single one of these areas. looking back on the last year of my life, at the age of 25, i've grown a lot. but there's a lot more i can do to really make sure that i'm leading a fulfilling life, and i'm not just coming home after each day, each weekday and weekend, feeling that the day was wasted.


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